We strive to produce intentionally-designed buildings from the forest to the finished product.  We look holistically at the place we're in, the skills and assets available to us, what needs we can meet, and how we can best meet them.  Essentially, how we can be of most value to each of the communities around us. 

For us, that means creating responsibly and with local timber, in a way that honors traditional craftsmanship, the incredible orchestra of nature's provision around us, and the values that define our quality of life.  

We aim to minimize use of modern machinery, especially in the forest, opting instead for more peaceful traditional felling methods and animal power, when appropriate, for harvesting timber.  We manage our woodlots for optimum long-term health, vigour and environmental services.   

Our sawmill is a modern, Canadian designed bandsaw mill that minimizes waste and allows us a lot of freedom to optimize cuts from our logs.  Our joints are cut with traditional tools including chisel, hewing ax, and adz.  We close waste loops in several ways including limbing in the forest, utilizing sawdust as a high-carbon additive for on-site composting, and fueling our home cookstove with waste wood.

We feel very fortunate to be able to create in this way.  Glendon has two physics-based degrees, and a profound love for and respect of creation as a provider of man's basic needs.  This drives our own creation path towards the most sensible ways to turn natural products into valuable spaces.  It is a creation process that allows a tremendous amount of freedom, and allows us to bring our best talents to the table in service to our clients.  

We emphasize sound design processes and principles, including true collaboration with clients.  We believe it is only through a thorough and respectful dialogue that we can accurately assess the needs of an individual or family, and then begin to find the best ways to satisfy their needs.  This opens the door to powerful win-win scenarios where each stroke of the tool is moving towards a realization of the right solution.  

We are happy to consider projects outside of our current creations.  Feel free to contact us with your ideas.